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                                 Our Dreams

We desire to walk, work and sing together joyfully!

We desire to learn together:

»how to accompany one another in ways that empower us all, respecting our differences and lifting up the dignity of all people and nations.

»how to live solidarity with our neighbor near and far.

»how to organize in ways that value and take full advantage of everyone's talents, knowledge, wisdom, and hopes because we believe that only when we are all a part of the creating, can our world become whole, healthy, happy, and just.

»how to use our local and global resources, as good stewards of the earth, her creatures great and small, and one another.

»how to create alternatives, provide tools, and demand equatable distribution of resources and opportunities, permitting the standard of living of all people to be one that provides the conditions necessary for whole happy living.

We desire to join other campaigns working for justice, seeking systemic change, committed to releasing the bonds that hold us captive.

We draw inspiration from the people in the communities north, south, east and west who give their lives for the cause of justice and love, most especially the poor who unfailingly are the most generous, the most strong, the most embracing of us all.

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