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We believe that the Project of God, which we understand to be a Project of Liberation, in other words a Project that is about the building of a World of Justice and love, is possible.

We desire to contribute to this project, believing that in order to reach this new world necessary elements are: Formation that provides us with opportunities for concientization, conversion and empowerment, the spirit of community or working in collectives, and the commitment of laborers for the building of this project.

We believe that every human being is called to be a participant, contributing to the creation of a just world that respects the dignity and value of all people, as well as the earth, nature and all that surrounds us. We believe in the talents and gifts of each person, and that they are necessary in the collective work so to have the strength and encouragement necessary to struggle for change until justice truly Reigns.

We believe that living in community and struggling together are necessary, and provide us with the possibility of supporting one another in the task of living our lives in a way that is coherent to our mission. We believe that the road is made by walking and that on the journey we are all teachers and students.

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