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                                Who We Are

United together since 1993....evolving, building and creating ever since!

We came together from the cultures of the north and the south some 15 years ago, to unite as believers that a world of justice and love is possible! We are amongst the "crazy ones" who dare to dream, convinced that dreams are necessary, and in fact indispensable in the building of the world we aspire to.

The roots of our beginning are faith based, inspired by the Gospel message and the teachings of prophets from past and present. Living into the lessons learned, today we walk and work with many diverse traditions and peoples of conscience to share in the task of creating a world where justice is the presence of happiness, wholeness, and peace.

We chose Kairos, a Greek word that means:
~the promised moment
~the pregnant moment
~the moment of God's grace
because we believe we must all live every moment as a Kairos moment, the now time! In fact, with each new day there is a sense of greater urgency if the inheritance we leave our children of future generations is to be a green, hope-filled, life-giving planet.

Formation is key for the AKF School because we believe that educating people is essential in creating societies of engaged citizens working for social change. We encourage and promote the building of relationships so to create the space to form one another cross cultures, economic class, ethnic and religious beliefs, as well as political and social idealogies and structures.

Independent of church and government structures, we are a band of grassroots people, seeking to grow into a movement, struggling to live as family, celebrating signs of hope, and moments of humor and joy that sustain us.

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